Dirty, Filthy, NASTY – YEAH!

So a couple of weeks ago this happened after someone tried to be clever in a remote office. Suffice it to say – the machine was virtually dead. What most likely happened is someone did a power off and power on probably as something was being written to disks in RAID.


I think to myself fair enough, that is until I open up the front and am presented with this:





And this:




And at this point I ask myself, seriously – do you blame it that the thing gave up? By the way, this is only a 2-3 year old server running 2008 R2.

Then the odd comments turn up in the email:

“They really build this stuff to fail don’t they”

“What is the point of IT – if this crap is going to happen?”

“Why did you guys buy such crap equipment, how does this happen to such an expensive and powerful machine, my Sony Vaio is like 7 years old and still kicking at home –  I bet if it was made by Sony it wouldn’t have done that?”

“People in IT really don’t know what they are doing do they?”

So like the enlightened beings that we are, we took the pragmatic approach. The approach that only the most enlightened beings in the galaxy would take to such comments:




Anyways – got the thing cleaned, rebuilt, reprovisioned and ready to be used in a completely new location.


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